3.6 Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support


Services Experience:
HITSS Contract: InDyne provides software development to NASA on the Headquarters Information Technology Services and Support (HITSS) contract, where we have developed and sustained a portfolio of over 150 software applications varying from administrative systems to mission support applications. Applications that InDyne develops and maintains include the Financial On-Line Consolidated User System, an agency-wide funds management application that supports the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate in their business support activities related to phasing plans and guidelines, and the Aerospace Technical Facility Inventory which provides information on Government-owned aerospace facilities that public users can query and report on usage and parameter values of property.



Services Experience:
ALATEC has developed and delivered significant software development support services over the past three years. As the prime contract support to the Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center, ALATEC has developed several data manipulation tools and has led development of the Combat Analysis Tool for the 21st Century (COMBATXXI) simulation. ALATEC also provides software development support to the Fires Center of Excellence where we provide development support to the FireSIM XXI proponent in the development of FireSim and associated terrain modules. ALATEC has developed several software visualization tools including the Targeted Evacuation Notification System which provides animation of projected emergency situations and provides users routing from their location to the active evacuation shelters.


Erica Lane Enterprises

Services Experience:
USA AMCOM, Information Technology Support Services (ITSS)

Lockheed Martin

Services Experience:
ISPAN GAP CIE Contract: LM, on the Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network Global Adaptive Planning Collaborative Information Environment (ISPAN GAP CIE) performs the entire spectrum of the software development life cycle, from supporting concept development through delivery and support of operational software capabilities.
LM develops major new capabilities to perform event analysis, collaborative planning, and plan evaluation. They also develop significant changes to existing ISPAN GAP CIE capabilities, as well as software maintenance updates. For all efforts, LM generates requirements, develops architecture and design artifacts, implements software, performs integration and system testing, and provides detailed installation instructions. LM has established engineering processes in place, and several automated tools to support design artifact development, software implementation, and software testing.

MEI Technologies

Services Experience:
DHEP Contract: Our software engineering on DHEP, is generally focused on tools used to simplify our job. We try to make use of Off-the Shelf tools for most of our work. An example is the Satellite Tool Kit we use to analyze and design orbital parameters and data. We maintain and operate the Office and Payload Control Center of our customer. Additionally we man positions in that center for launch and deployment and 24 hour ops as needed after on-orbit deployment. Software tools involved range from NASA-developed flight control tools, to COTS, to local tools based on MS applications.
Argonaut Contract: MEIT modified packet capture software to be able to handle PDU traffic for wargaming activities. Wrote several scripts to record/analyze data acquired during wargaming activities. Wrote "wrapper" scripts to tie together several tools from various areas of interest for modeling purposes.