3.11 Quality Assurance (QA) Support


Services Experience:
ETTC Contract: Through our aggressive QA program on ETTC, we changed the contract mindset from reactionary Government inspection based oversight to a proactive metric-based quality culture to correct root causes instead of simply repairing problems. One example of this approach is our corrosion prevention and control program to address procedures and painting techniques before corrosion effects breach the painted surfaces.
ESSV Contract: InDyne’s corporate Quality Management/Quality Control (QM/QC) Program is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards, including our seven core business processes of Accounting and Finance, Contract Management, Business Development, Human Resource, Information Technology Services, Quality Assurance, and Program Management. The corporate QA Program provides comprehensive guidance to all customers, suppliers, and employees of the specific controls that are implemented to ensure service quality. Our Quality Manual serves as the overarching quality document and defines the minimum requirements and responsibilities for implementing a QA Plan.
The QAP is also based on best practices that have been effectively implemented on projects such as our Taiwan Surveillance Radar project for the Missile Defense Agency, Security Technical Operational Service projects for the Department of State, and ESS Maintenance Services contract for the Air Force Reserve Command. Our QA approach has resulted in high levels of quality on InDyne’s many ESS projects. For example, on our Andrews AFB Mission Support Facility project, all 1,100 alarm points passed Air Force acceptance testing the first time.

All Points Logistics

Services Experience:
On the ESTS contract, APL performed quality assurance for NASA in their Calibration Facility to ensure that the processes utilized in metrology calibration were appropriately followed and necessary. To accomplish the customer’s end desire of producing higher quality work with traceability, we held separate Kaizen events, during which APL was formally empowered to utilize government organizational resources. At each event, attendees consisted of persons such as the end users, metrologists, process owners, green belts, and black belts to ensure a successful event. Our primary objectives were to ensure appropriate LEAN/Six Sigma processes, procedures and guidelines were able to be utilized in a difficult environment in order to assure quality. We completed our mission through excellent management skills leading, communicating, negotiating, problem solving, and influencing participants. In times of disagreement, we influenced negotiations and utilized problem solving to focus on quality results.


Erica Lane Enterprises

Services Experience:
Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Scientific, Technical, Administrative, and Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Services (STARS)


Lockheed Martin

Services Experience:
MK48 IMS Contract: Under LM’s MK 48 Torpedo Intermediate Activity (IMA) contract, QA is maintained throughout the process in accordance with Navy requirements. Weapon maintenance functions ensure QA buy offs occur at any part of the production process that requires inspection verification. LM has received high marks for their support of the quality enterprise. Quality of Product or Service encompasses a broad spectrum of support provided by LM under this task, ranging from the final product (MK 48 Torpedo) and its performance in the water, to support functions, to the product “qualification” which includes demonstrated performance certifications mandated for torpedoes.


MEI Technologies

Services Experience:
DHEP Contract: MEIT knowledge of QA requirements is evident by the fact that we have successfully deployed over 200 experiment packages which in the process have to demonstrate quality standards and criteria are met.