3.5 System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support


Services Experience:
WROCI Contract: The InDyne Team has extensive experience in the use of various documentation control procedures and systems to ensure the accuracy, accessibility, security, and accountability of project, system design, and technical data documentation. InDyne has deployed its in-house developed PIMS and other commercially available systems including IBM’s Maximo, BMC’s Remedy and Atrium, Prevo Technologies’ TechDoc, SolarWinds, Razor, Microsoft’s SourceSafe, and Oracle’s Primavera Software to control system documentation and ensure the correct version is used and reflects current system configuration. We also have managed large technical libraries including the Master Publications Library on WROCI, where all USAF Western Range controlled systems data and documentation is archived, controlled, and distributed.


All Points Logistics

Services Experience:
On our NASA Checkout, Assembly, and Payload Processing Services (CAPPS) contract, APL currently maintains a state-of-the-art document storage and retrieval system for Quality and Engineering documents. Capabilities include preparing acceptance data packages (ADPs); tracking open work; maintaining Program Model Numbers (PMN)s, Baseline (BL) numbers, Station Set (SS) numbers and Work Unit Codes (WUCs); and updating the Configuration Management Data System (CMDS) and Engineering Drawing File Management (EDFM) systems.

Erica Lane Enterprises

Services Experience:
Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Scientific, Technical, Administrative, and Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Services (STARS)

Lockheed Martin

Services Experience:
FBM P&DSS Contract: LM researches, formats, writes, edits, produces, and revises official technical documents including Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), maintenance procedures (inclusive of proofing), operating procedures, test procedures, and engineering reports. The Central Receipt and Dispatch (Technical Data Center) is designated as LM SWFPAC’s (Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific) prime designated agent for receipt, record initiation, and record maintenance for classified documents received as part of the FBM program. Re-entry Body (REB) production support receives official processing documentation such as SOPs from NAVSURFWARCEN (Navy Surface Warfare Center) via the Technical Data Center. The Navy accountability group is responsible for preparing and maintaining shipping documentation relating to REB Operations in accordance with SOPs.

MEI Technologies

Services Experience:
DHEP Contract: On the DHEP contract, MEI conducts the systems development process from concept into operations. Standardized documentation deliveries are required throughout the process. Since a myriad of T&E is conducted in the process associated data is developed/processed. Recently MEIT engineers on DHEP have developed an innovative computer-based data base tool to capture all requirements, automatically publish the associated requirements documentation, and track certification: This tool is also used as part of the requirements configuration management.

AMCOM Contract: MEIT supports the M&S T&E activities of the System Simulation and Development Directorate (SSDD), providing senior M&S expertise to support the development, coordination, and approval of M&S strategies. These include high-level technical reviews and accreditation processes, executing design trade-off reviews and conducting trade studies on alternative architecture proposals, and assessing design approaches against data management requirements for analysis and testing. We support technical planning and assessment of M&S tool development, V&V of M&S tools, and provide M&S integrated master schedule support to the BMDS program. This includes M&S tool integration planning and M&S interface management boards. We also provide SE&I expertise to translate BMDS program capability objectives into M&S requirements, ensure M&S requirements traceability, assess whether the BMDS component relationships are correctly represented in M&S tools, and assess whether the M&S tools have the fidelity to adequately support analysis and testing requirements. We identify those requirements which will be evaluated through M&S, and identify opportunities where M&S may be used to support T&E life-cycle sustainment objectives. Our experts support the change management process by participating in configuration control boards, supporting configuration management process for the M&S tools, and monitoring program requirement changes which will impact the M&S environment.

ESES Contract: MEIT provides detailed design services - Our processes dictate a structured and disciplined design approach that addresses all subsystems, components and assemblies, and includes hardware, software, and ground support equipment. We prepare and deliver all drawings, reports and other documentation necessary to fully document the design and to support the configuration management process and scheduled design reviews. In the six years during which we have been the prime contractor on the ESES contract, MEIT engineers have demonstrated design capabilities in the areas of optical, thermal, detector, electrical/electronics, power, REA, component technologies, environmental testing, and RF systems on numerous GSFC payloads. Develop, review, and analyze electrical design interfaces.