3.22 Public Affairs and Multimedia Support


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MTSC Contract: In support of the Multimedia Technical Support Contract (MTSC) at Eglin AFB, InDyne provides a variety of the Multimedia support in a dynamic and expansive water and land test and training range. We utilize our PIMS application to schedule, track, and evaluate tasks and delivered products with rapidly changing requirements and response times. We operate high-speed motion pictures cameras and sensitive digital cameras in extreme conditions ranging from the frigid cold of the McKinley Climatic Laboratory or airborne environments, to the salt-spray, high humidity of marine test environments. We employ strict processes for scheduled preventive maintenance, work order processing, and equipment health testing to ensure that our people and equipment operate flawlessly the first time in aerial, ground-testing, and live production environments where second chances are simply not an option. We employ and train a staff of professional photographers, graphic artists, illustrators, editors, photo/video processing professionals, and photo-optics technicians that provide services and products including video and still photography, live broadcast, 2D & 3D animations, brochures, computer art, wall art, laser engravings, website publications, large formatted printing, and installation and repair of all audio-visual equipment. 

Erica Lane Enterprises 

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Multimedia Technical Services Contract, Eglin AFB 

MEI Technologies 

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DHEP Contract: On the DHEP we support our customer who performs the public relations function. Our support is in the form of explaining technical aspects of experiments, etc.