3.10 Configuration Management (CM) Support


Services Experience:
WROCI Contract: On WROCI stringent CM is a critical effort in ensuring that range infrastructure and assets (some more than 40 year old) are maintained, changed, and upgraded in accordance with established baselines. CM is applied to tasking, sustaining engineering, developmental support engineering, and Sustainment and Recapitalization (SRC) hardware, software, and facilities changes. Work scheduled to be accomplished through sustaining engineering or systems engineering and interaction is evaluated prior to installation to determine impact to established configuration baselines. An Engineering Change Proposal and an Authorization for Configuration Change (as applicable) precede installation when affecting WROCI or SRC system baselines. InDyne uses an automated configuration management interface, a web-based application, which increases ease of creation, tracking, and monitoring of configuration change requests with real-time status available through the Government network. CM baselines include project support plans, system requirements and specifications, engineering drawings, system architecture diagrams, system design documents, requirements traceability matrices, system test plans and procedures, version description documents, and system software code.
IOMS Contract: On IOMS, InDyne provides configuration management support to critical low voltage systems within facilities such as the Mission Operations Center, Communication Control/ Switch Building, and other Eastern Range instrumentation facilities. IOMS also maintains strict configuration control on the CCAFS electronic security systems, potable water system, medium voltage (13.2KV) power distribution system, and the wastewater collection system.


All Points Logistics

Services Experience:
APL has award-winning experience in the area of configuration management related to our work on Orbital Replacement Units (ORUs) and Spares for the International Space Station on our ESTS contract. APL received a Silver Snoopy award for providing “superior, dedicated support to the Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) Project Office.” Prior to our involvement, changes in personnel and other issues left the verification process in a state of disorganization, and the hardware would not have been delivered on time. Due to our employees’ dedicated efforts, the verification process and tracking were returned to optimal conditions, which allowed the Oxygen Generation System (OGS) to be delivered to Kennedy’ Space Center (KSC) on schedule. We had to determine the status of hundreds of packages and then ensure each package made it through the complete verification process through sign-off.
APL also performs a variety of Information technology and information management tasks, including configuration management, for the USDA at their National Operations Center (NOC) in Denver, CO and their National Information Technology Center (NITC) in Kansas City, MO. In addition, we have performed configuration management on a number of other contracts, including work performed for the NSA, for Future Combat Systems and for the Missile Defense program.


Erica Lane Enterprises

Services Experience:
Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Scientific, Technical, Administrative, and Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Services (STARS)
Lockheed Martin
Services Experience:
DDTC Contract: Under the DDTC contract, LM provides 26 small local area computer networks with content staging servers, a video teleconferencing capability, and a deployable 1.5 meter antenna that communicates over SATCOM (up to Secret). Each of the 26 networks has a unique Unit System Operator Manual (similar to a user/tech manual) that is configuration management controlled. The performance and physical characteristics of each system is methodically tracked to control changes and non-conformance.


MEI Technologies

Services Experience:
DHEP Contract: On DHEP our configuration management includes contract purchasing change control and subcontract change control monitoring. Since we integrate experiments which sometimes includes subcontractor H/W development, change control is delegated. We maintain a documentation library that contains all configuration-managed documentation from NASA and the AF.
AMCOM Contract: Provide Test and Evaluation Documentation. Review test plans, attend test readiness reviews, flight readiness reviews, and provide comments to the test reports on both hardware and software test events. Work with and support the JAGM System assessment of technical performance as it relates to system verification as directed by the JAGM Overarching T&E representative. Provide support to Test and Evaluation Integrated Product Teams, Meetings and Reviews. Attend T&E and System Engineering IPT meetings as required by the JAGM System contract, and provide coordinating actions and activities.