3.19 In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support


Services Experience:
ETTC Contract: InDyne implemented a Performance Optimization Program (POP) to ensure fruition of innovative technologies and applications in support of our customer. The focus of the POP is to involve process owners and customers in the use of various analytical methods for problem solving and process or product improvement. The POP is designed as a project oriented approach to optimize a specific process, technology, or infrastructure support area and uses a Lean Sigma process since it supports a disciplined, analytical approach to problem solving. Projects are facilitated by Lean Six Sigma black-belt certified POP Team members. Successful POP projects include the Planned Maintenance Optimization project, which analyzes current preventive maintenance practices to improve system performance and longevity through optimization of preventive maintenance procedures and schedules and also optimizes the efficiency of labor, materials, and system wear. The Munitions Management Improvement project analyzed a primarily manual process resulting in elimination of legacy data errors, significant automation, improved tracking with new munitions reports, and reduced the risk of errors.