3.15 Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support


Services Experience:
ETTC Contract: InDyne applies rigorous engineering, analytical, and technical disciplines in the operation and
support of various measurement facilities, range equipment, and instrumentation devices through all phases of
developmental and operational test and evaluation of modern day weapon systems. In preparation of both
ground and airborne system experimental testing, InDyne provides infrastructure maintenance on range
structures and equipment, electrical power, IT Support (including local and wide area networks), and buildup of
fixed and mobile targets. During actual tests, InDyne operates and controls numerous fixed and mobile radars,
telemetry and optical systems used in land or airspace management, and data collection, along with frequency
monitoring and control flight termination systems for proper test item control. This disciplined approach
enabled the successful execution of over 13,500 test and training missions in 2011.
WROCI Contract: InDyne provides support for the operations of the WR for DoD, civil, and commercial spacelift
programs; ICBM development and operational tests; aeronautical systems testing; operations; space
surveillance; and other programs. We conduct operations planning, employment, and scheduling of the
instrumentation, network, and the command and display segments to satisfy the requirements of all range users
and the 30th SW. We manage and control local airspace, sea, and land hazard/caution areas during launch
operations and control aeronautical operations on the West Coast Offshore Operating Area through the WR
Military Radar Unit. We manage and coordinate support required from other national ranges in support of
operations on the WR. We also manage all security, safety, maintenance, and conduct of operations within the
Western Range Control Center/Western Range Operations Control and provide a Go/No Go recommendation
for launch at the WR.


All Points Logistics

Services Experience:
On our MDS GMD contract, APL led an effort to make the ISTC-1 and ISTC-2 labs match the configuration in the
field, utilizing and applying the engineering and analytical disciplines in the operation and support of these
testing facilities and systems. APL was tasked with installing the UEWR-side firewalls in these labs. APL specified
the communications equipment necessary for the job, configured the equipment, built out the equipment racks,
deployed them to the ISTC labs, integrated them into the ISTC networks, and led the validation testing. APL 
duplicated the rule sets and the firewall configurations in order to precisely mimic the field and performed
extensive bench-testing of the firewalls using a set of traffic generators and emulators to ensure proper
functionality. In the process of installing the firewalls, the team also led an effort to bring the labs into
alignment with the fielded configuration. As a result, all six of the UEWR HWILs match the fielded


Erica Lane Enterprises

Services Experience:
U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center, Test Support Services


MEI Technologies

Services Experience:
DHEP Contract – Experience on DHEP is extensive for facilities where environmental testing and associated
measurements are made. DHEP personnel are experienced with launch site integration, test , and preflight


RMC Creative Solutions

Services Experience:
Range management and sustainability services to include development of Range Complex Management Plans,
encroachment management, and environmental planning, for test and training ranges.