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InDyne Seaport-e Team believes results, not efforts! —Delivering results through Agility • Flexibility • Responsiveness

InDyne’s partnership with the US Navy offers a focused program management plan designed to rapidly identify the best business partners, products, technologies, risk prevention, and innovations in the world. With our selected combination of large and small business partners, InDyne brings recognized experience with proven ability to meet Seaport-e requirements and deliver the highest-quality products and services.

Philosophy. InDyne is committed to finding innovative solutions. We deliver an efficient, effective, and responsive organization by seamlessly integrating our large and small business partners to form a team that covers the depth and breadth of Seaport-e requirements. Our unparalleled reputation for producing outstanding results and reducing the cost of services for our customers helps to define our culture: conducting business with absolute integrity, redefining superior customer service, pushing the technology envelope in our fields, and making significant contributions to our customers and our community.

Capabilities. InDyne has the highest quality and most advanced engineering, scientific, operations and maintenance, logistics, and information systems support available and is teamed with Seaport-e Business Partners to provide top-quality services and support in all 22 functional areas in all 7 geographic zones.

InDyne applies both technology and expertise in solving mission-critical problems for our customers. We also specialize in managing large, complex Range O&M, IT and technical services contracts for the Federal Government. Our professionals provide the highest degree of expertise in program management, project management, system engineering & integration, software engineering, enterprise network monitoring and analysis, enterprise management framework, cyber security, physical security, data center operations and maintenance, training, and Facilities Management. Our personnel are deployed globally to support operations, installations, and maintenance tasks for varied customers including NASA, the Missile Defense Agency, and the Departments of Defense, State, and Homeland Security.