3.7 Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support


Services Experience:
ETTC Contract: On ETTC, InDyne adapted a Navy integrated RCM system, supplemented with local procedures, to optimize reliability of all range systems. InDyne supplements its RCM plan with facets of the Planned Maintenance Optimization concept to effectively manage the maintenance of these national assets. This mission-oriented approach allows InDyne to use various techniques to maintain the diverse ETTC infrastructure and focus on continuous improvement in maintenance processes, system and equipment condition, and productivity. One such effort was the establishment of our Small Maintenance and Repair Teams (SMART) that identified and repaired 3,290 separate legacy facility maintenance problems left over from prior contractors. Our SMART effort included roving teams with mixed skill sets that could inspect, identify problems, and fix them, often on the spot.
WROCI Contract: InDyne uses an ISO-certified RCM plan, supplemented with local procedures to optimize reliability. As at many US Navy sites, the WR contains a great diversity of infrastructure, equipment, and systems that must be maintained for availability. The maintenance of these national assets presents many challenges, most notably the wide variation in the age and condition of the assets. This program has facilitated WROCI’s effectiveness in overcoming the many challenges including the loss of staff experience; aging systems using outdated/obsolete technology; limited O&M documentation; vanishing vendors; saturated schedules; increasing pace of support activities, including sustainment/modernization projects, formal testing requirements, and increasingly complex security requirements; multiple Government and contractor organizations with blurred lines of responsibility, and budgetary constraints. InDyne supplements our RCM plan with facets of the Preventive Maintenance Procedure concept to effectively manage the maintenance of these assets. This mission-oriented approach allows InDyne to use various techniques to maintain the diverse WR infrastructure and to focus on continuous improvement in maintenance processes, equipment, system condition, productivity, and ensures a continuously available and robust range.


Erica Lane Enterprises

Services Experience:
NAVFAC SW, NAS Lemoore Hospital Operations and Maintenance Support


Lockheed Martin

Services Experience:
DDTC Contract: In support of LM’s DDTC contract, engineering, scientific, and analytical disciplines were applied during the initial evaluation of the COTS equipment to ensure that systems and platforms RM&A requirements were integrated with the system design, development, and life cycle sustainment to ensure the systems functioned effectively when required. Additionally, to maintain a high RM&A factor, the DDTCs are on an 18-month refresh and a 36-month overhaul schedule that detects and corrects any design deficiencies, weak parts, and workmanship defects that could affect functionality.


MEI Technologies

Services Experience:
DHEP Contract: has a long list of requirements established by NASA which includes MIL Standards for everything we develop or utilize, Examples range from specs that batteries must meet under varied conditions, to requirements associated with comm. systems, onboard software, etc. The end product is our development of experiments and platforms that meet all NASA requirements, and that have been validated through a well-established T&E process.