3.14 Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support


Services Experience:
WROCI Contract: InDyne plans, executes, and reports results of Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) of new and modified system’s performance in their operational environments. InDyne also creates OT&E test procedures and reports to ensure a comprehensive assessment of the SW’s readiness to accept the system into its operational inventory. This includes the system’s operational performance, adequacy of supporting documentation (developer and O&M contractor), sparing levels, logistics support processes, personnel training sufficiency, and manning. For example, InDyne’s Radio Frequency Measurement Center (RFMC) performs the certification, qualification, and checkout testing to verify the operational readiness of the Flight Termination Receivers/Decoders to meet Range Safety Requirements. InDyne operates the Command Receiver Measurement System (CRMS), a mobile asset in the Command Receiver Measurement Van (CRMV) which tests and evaluates in-vehicle Flight Termination receivers at the Missile Assembly Building and other launch facilities throughout the WR.


All Points Logistics

Services Experience:
APL supports the development, manufacture, test, training, operations and sustainment support of the Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-based Missile Defense (GMD) program’s UEWR sensors and COBRA DANE elements. APL led the technical effort to integrate the UEWR Simulator Testers (USTs) into the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS). APL oversaw and coordinated all of the designs, deployments and field testing and played a major role in arbitrating technical issues among the various team members and driving to root cause for technical problems. The APL team supported the installation and testing at Beale AFB, CA; Thule AB, Greenland; and Fylingdales RAF, UK. This capability now allows the UST to represent the UEWR in Ground Testing without having to take the UEWR out of Ops. This is especially important, because it allows the BMDS system to be continually tested and updated without having to leave the U.S. vulnerable to attack during the testing. APL also led an effort to develop a COBRA DANE Simulator Tester (CDST) that would serve a similar function for the COBRA DANE radar. APL has also been instrumental during UEWR VCN testing at all three UEWR sites. APL coordinated these tests and served as the lead integrator for set-up of the test environments. APL also supported Dual-End-to-End UEWR tests as well as Hybrid tests in this same role.

MEI Technologies
Services Experience:
DHEP Contract the experiments we integrate and test are not a final warfighting product, but instead are experiments those results might be utilized in future war fighting platforms. Additionally, although interoperability is something we test across major hardware systems such as the ISS and externally attached payloads. That being said, MEIT has considerable experience on the DHEP in assuring interoperability across payload experiments and across experiment platforms and the ISS.