3.20 Program Support


Services Experience:
ETTC Contract: InDyne utilizes a corporate-wide enterprise management methodology that promotes innovative, integrated, flexible, and effective program management based on Project Management Institute best practices. Our Program Management processes are supported by our in-house developed PIMS which consists of a collection of modules that collect and share data across all facets of program management including planning, budgeting, cost collection, technical performance, metrics, work authorization, work control, purchasing, inventory, quality, safety, customer satisfaction/survey, service provisioning, and reporting. We have integrated our systems with a variety of Government systems to provide our customers real-time data including costs, performance and metrics. These systems facilitate consistent controls over key business processes and ensure program managers, corporate officials, and the customers have access to pertinent contract performance information they need to make key business decisions or anticipate any performance or cost risks.
InDyne has established and maintained an organization to effectively accomplish all tasks, operations, maintenance, and support requirements. We have developed and maintained a Program Management Plan for tracking program support, services provided, maintenance activities, actual labor hours, material costs, special projects, work requests, configuration management, other areas that require program office visibility, and our support categories which include safety, security, quality assurance, configuration control, cost accounting, property control, and scheduling.
At ETTC, our PIMS Service Order Module interfaces with the Eglin Electronic Tasking System and pulls data every 15 minutes to populate service orders. The service orders are electronically distributed to the appropriate work center facility where tasks are evaluated, classified, and assigned. The schedule, cost and status of each task are tracked in the module. This module also interfaces with our accounting system, which uploads cost data to the Air Force Job Order Cost Accounting System (JOCAS). We typically close over 1500 task orders (TOs) annually, and receive performance ratings averaging above 98%.


Erica Lane Enterprises

Services Experience:
NAVFAC SE Resource Efficiency Management (REM) Contract


MEI Technologies

Services Experience:
Argonaut Contract: Provide expertise in program management with respect to risk management, earned value management, life cycle costing and schedule control; Create detailed program specific work breakdown structures to guide system development, testing and analysis of concepts.
DHEP Contract: We are constantly estimating new payload integration work for our customer, This involves concept to deployment/operations aspects of the systems engineering process, Because of our 20 years experience in this process we have become adept at estimating what is required and the associated schedules. Although warfighters are not our direct customer, astronauts and flight controllers depend on our doing our job correctly.
ESES Contract: MEIT has been a prime contractor managing engineering service contracts for spacecraft for more than 19 years. As the prime contractor on the ESES contract, MEIT has in place a management organization that has effectively managed one of the largest contracts at GSFC for more than five years.