InDyne is a proven leader in successfully managing and operating ranges and test facilities for government, military and commercial purposes. InDyne understands the complexity of managing highly dynamic ranges, and with our transparent enterprise management system, is able to tackle evolving schedules, provide flawless execution and safely manage a diverse set of range customers with efficiency.

Space and Test Range Operations include engineering support for range system design, modification, range configuration and range support services required to accomplish challenging and complex range activities of our customers.

We have expertise in all facets of sensitive and critical operations including national security, military, civilian and commercial space programs in Florida, California, and remote sites around the world. InDyne’s expertise in these ranges and the systems required to run them provide an invaluable resource for our partners and customers and as we have grown as a business, our ability to provide rapid response to the customer’s needs remains the same.

InDyne proudly supports and has experts in the following:

  • Systems Engineering & Configuration Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Weapon Systems Development, Testing and Evaluation
  • Fixed, Mobile, and Remote Controlled Targets, both Foreign and Domestic
  • Environmental Testing
  • Electronic Combat Testing including EMI/EMC
  • Security Systems Testing
  • Frequency Control and Analysis
  • Datalink Testing
  • Range Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mission Critical Communications
  • Plans and Programs
  • Radar, Telemetry and Optics
  • Command Destruct Systems
  • Instrumentation and Data Collection
  • Range Safety
  • Security (COMSEC, IT and Physical)
  • Command and Control

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