Quality Assurance

AS9100CQuality Management/Quality Control Program InDyne’s corporate Quality Management/Quality Control (QM/QC) Program is certified to AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 standards and includes the following core processes areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Program Management

Quality Manual
The InDyne QM/QC Program provides comprehensive guidance to all customers, suppliers, and employees to ensure superior products and services, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Our Quality Manual serves as the overarching quality document and defines the minimum requirements and responsibilities for implementing the EAGLE II Quality Plan. Using the policies, processes, and procedures described in the corporate Quality Manual, we will tailor our processes to the EAGLE II contract and task orders as required. The quality control processes built into the Quality Management System combine sound project planning, performance management, monitoring, and problem resolution processes that incorporates best practices from our ISO certified corporate QM/QC Program.

Our Quality Manual defines the InDyne approach to providing exceptional quality on:

  • Technical, cost, and schedule performance
  • Processes and tools for collecting performance and service delivery metrics
  • High customer satisfaction ratings that incorporates customer feedback

Processes, Procedures, and Standard Practices
InDyne uses our Quality Management System to describe processes, procedures and standard practices to address any specific Task Order requirements, such as inspection and audit, deliverables, training, etc. Where appropriate, risk mitigation techniques and past experience are described to clearly demonstrate our ability to meet and exceed all performance requirements.

Multi-Step Process
InDyne uses a multi-step process to assure data quality and prevent omissions of required data for all self-performed and subcontracted work. Our Project Managers (PM) are responsible for checking all data and deliverables against contract requirements using proven checklists that are developed for each TO. The checklist workflows are maintained in our electronic task order management system PIMS360. All deliverables are checked by both the PM and the Quality Manager for content, completeness, and quality. In addition, the corporate Quality Director conducts Quarterly Deliverable Compliance Audits to check and improve data quality.

Training Our Quality
Training program incorporates formal and informal training methods, such as classroom, computer-based, and on-the-job training. Training topics include quality management, quality policies, audit and inspection methodologies, ISO standards and continuous process improvement. All personnel receive initial quality training and annual recurring training.

Quality Assurance
InDyne is committed to the highest Quality standards and has built and designed our Quality Program to assure all performance standards and service delivery requirements are met and exceeded on a consistent basis, and that all program personnel, project personnel and customers have insight into contract performance at the appropriate level.