Community Outreach

Thursday, March 20, 2014  02:06 PM

On March 20, 2014 InDyne’s Western Range Operations, Communications, and Information (WROCI) contract was awarded the “Community Partner of the Year” as well as the “Large Contractor of the Year” at the Air Force Associations Award Social.


Volunteer of the Year Award

WROCI Program Manager Ken Cinal accepting the Community Partner of the Year and the Large Contractor of the Year award

InDyne has had an exceptional year with a model record of supporting 9 total launches, including 3 in 7 days, one of which was the inaugural support to SpaceX Falcon 9. The InDyne/WROCI team has 2,333 brilliantly executed Range operations, 1,166 spacelift, 502 ballistic, 397 aircraft, and 268 engineering operations. At WROCI InDyne has shown unmatched maintenance success with 14,100+ maintenance inspections completed with a 99.999% on-time rate, has had range instrumentation available >99.8% of the time, and has zero operational safety incidents. WROCI COMSEC was honored as one of only two HQ AFSPC IG Professional Teams during 30 SW inspections and was successful in restoring Range capability after a massive region power outage – having “saved” Pegasus launch with only a 2-day delay.

InDyne, an advocate of the Aerospace Power thru STEM education, participated in Allan Hancock College’s STEM program by hiring interns into technical areas of the WROCI contract, and actively mentoring Air Force active duty members through education on Range operations and technical systems. InDyne also has an extended education assistance program to cover STEM education and certifications reimbursement.

At WROCI, InDyne is committed to the service of military personnel and proudly supports the total Air Force Family by hiring military veterans. These veterans are core to the InDyne culture and comprise 32% of the WROCI contract, of which 67% are disabled. InDyne was honored in 2012 as the California Employer Advisory Council's Veteran Employer of the Year and is a loyal Employer Support of Guard and Reserve (ESGR).